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The best Beaver Jokes

Beavers are among the largest living rodents in the world. They are well adapted for semi-aquatic life, with transparent eye membrane, closable nostrils and ears, flattened tail that acts as a rudder, and thick waterproof fur. With strong teeth and powerful jaws, they fall trees to build homes and dams, changing the environment in ways that no other animals can. The idioms “busy as a beaver” and “eager beaver” as synonymous with being industrious and hardworking. Beaver jokes are delightfully clean and therefore fit for use with any age. Some of the funniest beaver jokes are listed below:

The big list with the funny beaver jokes

  • A woodchuck would not chick any wood if it could chuck wood since only beavers give a dam.
  • Finding a diseased beaver on your organ is the only thing worse than finding a dead monkey on your piano.
  • I yelled ‘Show me your beaver’ to the girls in a Canadian strip club and got kicked out.
  • Baby duck quacked to mother duck: It’s cold out here! Mother duck quacked back: I don’t give a dam!
  • I just can’t find the legendary beaver despite having been in all the brothels in Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • The bunch of prime timber that was stolen was finally traced to a group of beavers. Even though not all of us were convinced, there was a lot of damming evidence.
  • What did the beaver say, when it could not cross the water? – Damn it!
  • My 7 year old said that a French beaver calls her home Madame. I’ve never laughed that hard!
  • ‘Did you just say my current neighbor is a fish? Cod dam!’ Lamented the beaver.
  • I otter know better than mixing up beavers and similar animals.
  • Lady parts are called beavers since they devour wood.
  • The Angry Beavers is back! However, they named it The View!
  • Beaver priest live in God Dam Houses.
  • In a pair of pantyhose, you can fit two calves, some hares, ten piggies, an ass, a beaver and a fish that no one can ever find.
  • The difference between beaver curry and normal curry is that beaver curry is s bit otter.
  • It is at the river banks where weavers go to cash their paychecks.
  • Being a beaver is a lot of dam work!
  • The tree told the bullying beaver: Gnawed again.
  • When the bear said to the beaver that he could see a lot of berries and honey on the other side of the river, the beaver said ‘Dam!’
  • Nobody attended the party and the beaver got dam mad!
  • Ice cream has no bones; so if the wheels of the beavers’ canoe falls off, it would take seven pancakes to shingle a dog house.
  • The beaver said to Satan: Well, I’ll be dammed.
  • The evidence against beavers causing extensive flooding is damning.
  • Canada has ‘The Beaver’ as its National symbol because, in the world, it is the best ‘damn’ country.
  • When rodents attack a beaver company, it becomes Hamsterdam.
  • Conservative beavers build darns.
  • I love it when girlfriend says I was hard on the beaver the previous night.
  • When the river rose, the commander beaver said to other beavers: Dam it! 


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